The idea for Sistine was born in 2012 at the Muddy Charles, a cherished campus watering hole at MIT. In that unfettered atmosphere where dreams are pursued, we wondered, “What would the world look like if solar energy were truly beautiful?” Like the most infectious ideas, that question grew on us, so much so that we have been pursuing it ever since.

Two years later, we debuted the concept for SolarSkin with a picture of the Starbucks logo on a prototype solar panel. It looked more a science fair exhibit than a real product. From those humble beginnings, the concept grew wings. A grant from the US Department of Energy followed, then the development of a full color palette to match any roof aesthetic, successful completion of long-term durability testing at NREL, Fraunhofer CSE, and leading outdoor test centers, commercial launch and first customer in 2016.

Today, SolarSkin has been deployed on multiple installations in over 2 dozen states around the country. We are witnessing the joy, the excitement, the sparkle in the eye, when consumers see SolarSkin panels in real life. And we are flooded with new customer inquiries on a daily basis from folks who had never considered solar before. That is the power of design!

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