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At the one-year anniversary of a dazzling commercial installation, we recognize our valued partner in this project, All Energy Solar. The team at All Energy services part of the Midwest as well as New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

All Energy’s venture with Sistine began as a response to a unique and ardent request from a client. The Ackerberg Group real estate company, whose office is architecturally singular and LEED Gold-certified, saw a chance to make a resounding statement through a building upgrade. In the quest to meet their energy goals while maintaining the striking look of the building facade, Ackerberg resolved to begin an installation of artistic solar.

A meeting of two visionary teams occurred when All Energy Solar found SolarSkin® by Sistine Solar. SolarSkin quickly proved to be the perfect medium for realizing the bold ideas of client and installer, and ultimately, a color gradient design gained approval for the side of the building. (Read the full story ,here). The year that has since elapsed has seen All Energy Solar tracking good performance from the solar panels and earning widespread recognition in the community.

Results are below!

Project Highlights

  • Project type: Commercial
  • End Customer: The Ackerberg Group
  • Artwork: SolarSkin® featuring purple to blue pixel gradient
  • Size: 43 kW
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Project Partners: All Energy Solar and Alliiance
  • Modules: JA Solar 385W
  • Inverters: Enphase

Interview with All Energy Business Development Director Michael Thalhimer

We caught up with Michael, who was eager to share the lasting impact of SolarSkin on All Energy and their client:

Why did you choose SolarSkin for the MoZaic East project?

This particular customer opportunity was a perfect match for the SolarSkin product. Not only did Ackerberg want to see a solar installation visible on the south elevation of the building, they also envisioned the project taking on the form of an art installation, with unique aesthetics in mind. The color variations on the building were the main inspiration behind the design of the SolarSkin product, taking the look of the installation to a new level. We found no other product that fulfilled all of these objectives, and the limitless options for customization gave us every opportunity to hit all of the customer's expectations for the project.

What was the experience like working with Sistine Solar and the product?

The entire team at Sistine Solar worked extremely hard to help us with this unique scope. They were incredibly supportive from early concepting and development, through testing and then ultimately through implementation and installation. Our team couldn't have asked for a better partner.

How did the outcome turn out? We would love to hear reactions from both Ackerberg and All Energy on the end result.

We feel this is one of the most unique solar installations around the country, and we're proud to have been part of this effort. We deployed the system on-schedule with some very strict deadlines and adapted well to the unique methods utilized with this installation. We think the array looks terrific, and it has received a great amount of interest since the project was installed. Ackerberg and the building architect have been overly pleased with the outcome.

What has the reaction been to the installation and technology among your peers and other installers in the industry? How has subsequent publicity helped All Energy?

This installation received quite a lot of attention, even finding its way into a feature article on the cover of the Arts section of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. We think that might be a first for a solar installation! It was also great to see special recognition from Solar Builder Magazine as 'Most Stylish' project around the country for 2020. The story behind this project is certainly a unique one, and it serves as a great showcase for the potential versatility behind solar installations these days.

How is the project performance a year on, and what would you say to installers who might have concerns around adopting SolarSkin because it is a relatively new technology?

The technology appears to be performing very well and holding up to the harsh conditions we experience in our part of the country. Even though this is a newer technology, the testing was sound, and the warranty provided by Sistine gives the customer confidence that this product will last and perform well over time.

Any other feedback you would like to add?

We're extremely thankful for the partnership!

We appreciate Michael and his team for executing such a successful installation and for the praise regarding our technology!

For more information on SolarSkin’s power to transform your commercial project, step ,here.

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