Directory Of Solar Energy Trade Associations

Solar Energy Trade Associations
Solar organizations strengthen the renewable energy economy and support solar adoption worldwide.  Here is a directory of some of the national, international, state, and local organizations working towards sustainability. 

National trade associations and other solar organizations are non-profit organizations with the mission of scaling the renewable energy industry and economy. While some offer education about solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and other types of solar panels, others focus on innovation, investments in clean energy projects, and various initiatives and partnerships promoting solar energy as a whole.

Why Solar Organizations & Trade Associations Are Important

Solar energy trade associations and related organizations are essential in promoting the clean energy transition. Their advocacy is widespread, and their sustainability efforts are present not only locally and statewide, but also nationally and internationally.

Most solar organizations are nonprofits. Their main goal is combating climate change by accelerating renewable energy adoption and usage worldwide. They can do this by influencing solar energy regulations, standards, and incentives. Moreover, they foster innovation in the solar industry by encouraging collaboration and partnerships between legislators, industry experts, researchers, and solar energy companies.

Solar trade associations also expand the solar market by developing solar employment. According to Solar Industry Reports from the National Solar Jobs Census in 2019, solar employment increased by 44% from 2014 to 2019. The same report states that solar-related jobs had a 167% increase over the past decade. High-paying solar jobs include solar project, system, or design engineering, as well as solar consulting and solar installation technician roles.

Solar energy trade associations
Solar organizations strengthen the renewable energy economy and support solar adoption worldwide.

Global Organizations

Some of the leading global solar organizations are:

National Organizations (US)

Solar organizations and associations in the United States include:

State Organizations

A few examples of state solar organizations are:

The Solar Energy Industries Association has a State-By-State Map. To find state-specific solar organizations, simply click your state on the map and scroll to Solar Policy Resources.

Local Organizations

Some local solar organizations include:

SEIA’s Member Directory has a list of member companies, partners, and stakeholders. You can use it to filter by state and business type. If you don’t find solar organizations in your area this way, you can search for them online by adding the “solar energy trade association/organization” or a similar phrase to your city.

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