Best Solar Panel Monitoring Systems

Solar panel monitoring systems
This article explores the best solar panel monitoring systems (AKA photovoltaic or PV systems) available. Top contenders include SolarEdge and Enphase, known for their advanced analytics, real-time data tracking, and user-friendly interfaces.

Solar power is a popular and sustainable source of renewable energy for many households. But to get the most out of your investment, you need to make sure your system is operating at peak performance around the clock. This requires a reliable monitoring system.

A great solar panel monitoring system is easy to use and empowers homeowners to maximize their solar energy production while effectively managing their system's health.

Why Is Solar Panel Performance Monitoring Important?

Solar panel performance monitoring is crucial for several reasons.

  • It allows homeowners to perform real-time monitoring of their solar power systems.
  • By tracking the performance, you can promptly identify and fix any under-performing panels or system issues.
  • Monitoring software provides valuable system data for energy generation and consumption patterns. This information gives you an insight into your energy usage, so you can adjust consumption during peak production hours or identify areas for energy-saving improvements.
  • By detecting and alerting you to any malfunctions or performance issues, monitoring systems enable timely repairs and prevent potential downtime.

All of these benefits equate to optimal system performance, lower electric bills, and potential income if you’re tied to the grid and taking advantage of net metering billing.

Solar panel monitoring systems
Solar panel monitoring tracks performance, energy output, and electricity usage.

Best Solar Monitoring Systems


Enphase is a leading provider of solar PV monitoring systems in the market. They offer a comprehensive range of solar panels equipped with built-in micro-inverters and monitoring at the module-level.

Enphase's mobile app empowers users to track the energy production data of their entire system as well as individual panels. Additionally, the application enables users to monitor the system's health and easily share their data with third parties through a user-friendly interface.

The app also tracks daily weather data so you can see just how productive your solar array is in different weather conditions.

Learn More at Enphase


The SolarEdge monitoring platform provides comprehensive module-level monitoring of PV performance and ensures reliable output through its immediate fault detection and alert system.

The platform collects measurement data by integrating monitoring sensors and transmitters into the SolarEdge power optimizer and solar inverter. This data is accessible via a web portal or mobile device.

Learn More at SolarEdge

SMA SunnyPortal 

SMA’s solution, Sunny Places, provides basic functionality by allowing users to view total solar system output notifications. However, it lacks the module-level monitoring functionality and impressive level of detailed data and polished user interface offered by Enphase and SolarEdge.

Sunny Places does offer a unique map view, enabling users to compare the performance of their system with others in the same area who have agreed to share their data publicly.

Learn more at SunnyPortal

CURB Monitoring System 

CURB is a home energy monitoring system designed to empower solar energy consumers by providing them with greater control over their household energy usage.

CURB collects real-time data on energy consumption and production by directly plugging into the breaker panel. This data is then made available to users, allowing them to monitor and analyze their energy usage patterns.

CURB recognizes abnormal energy use patterns, allowing the system to identify potential issues with various appliances and helping users detect and address energy inefficiencies or malfunctions.

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SunPower Monitoring 

SunPower is a leading solar services provider that offers a comprehensive range of products, including solar panel installation, inverters, and batteries. They distribute their products through a nationwide network of solar installers.

The company’s monitoring system, EnergyLink, helps homeowners keep tabs on both power production and power consumption with an intuitive online app and easy to understand dashboard.

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Tesla Monitoring 

Tesla, renowned for its groundbreaking electric vehicles and sleek home batteries, is also known for its all-in-one Tesla app. The app embodies Tesla's commitment to impeccable modern design, although its functionality is relatively basic.

The Tesla app provides users with a user-friendly interface to access real-time and historical data on solar production, home energy usage, and their solar battery charging and discharging cycles.

However, it's important to note that behind the sleek design, the Tesla app's functionality is relatively straightforward. It lacks some advanced features or granular data analysis capabilities found in other solutions.

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