How SolarSkin unlocks new revenue streams and increases solar project viability


The world's first custom-branded solar — just the beginning of what's possible with solar advertising

It is no mystery that in today’s sleek, technically advanced world, we are surrounded by advertising campaigns everywhere we look (even if we aren’t aware of it). Advertisements have the power to inspire and bring your brand in an entirely new direction or place of growth. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, which not only boosted sales for their brand, but connected with consumers on an emotional level. Similarly, the “Share A Coke” campaign brought a personalized experience to a product that is otherwise, very impersonal. This sentiment of individualism struck a chord with consumers, and Coke achieved immediate attention for it.

For products that can be highly personalized to one’s own preferences — say a laptop, a car, or even a house — the process of buying can be thrilling. Companies have always benefited by appealing to their audiences, especially if they are synchronously able to acknowledge the differences that exist among consumers. What if going solar could be highly customizable, exciting, and cater to your brand's unique needs? All this and more is possible with SolarSkin, a thin film technology which overlays your solar modules with any graphic, pattern, or design you choose. For homeowners, solar can finally be aesthetically blended in with roofs. Many of our clients at Sistine ,,have reaped the benefits of this home upgrade, with the value of SolarSkin adding so much to their solar experience.

But what can SolarSkin do for your company, your sports team, or your university? On the whole, how does aesthetic solar benefit brands in the commercial world? We’ve previously discussed how ,SolarSkin can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability, but that accompanied with advertising brings it to a whole new level. Here are 4 reasons why.

Today’s market is sustainability conscious, and becoming more so

With ,3 out of every 4 millennials willing to pay more for sustainable options, any corporation, company, or brand would be at an advantage placing themselves in the midst of this environmentally-conscious market. But how can brands demonstrate this agenda in a way that connects directly with consumers? With SolarSkin, there is the opportunity to advertise directly using renewable means. By placing your brand’s image on say, a stadium, university, or other public solar array, a plethora of consumers see this commitment in action and are able to engage with the advertisement in a very visceral way.

Stadiums and universities have ample opportunities to access solar's marketing power.

SolarSkin’s compatibility with all existing solar technology makes it the perfect means for companies to access solar as an ad medium. Brands can reposition themselves as renewable energy advocates, all while that energy is actually being utilized.

Solar growth is booming in the US

As of early 2020, the ,United States had installed more solar compared to any other first quarter (by more than one gigawatt). This demonstrates not only increasing demands from consumers, but the expected surge of prospective solar projects. Companies can leverage these project demands with partnership opportunities, which pivots them in the midst of solar’s growth and continued expansion.

Projects could involve highways, solar farms, big box retail chains — all which reach a wide breadth of consumers. With this sort of support, companies are able to support the growth of solar projects while also opening their brand’s image to a larger audience.

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Eco-conscious advertising puts your brand on people’s radar

As previously mentioned, growing alongside solar gives brands the opportunity to showcase their sustainability commitments in a broad and impactful way. When it comes to the ,ten ways to improve sales with effective advertising, many of these checkboxes are filled with solar as an advertising medium. Advertising over a long period, in a way that is both quick and effective, is achieved when you consider highly trafficked areas. Reaching consumers in these areas, such as ,,carports, is seamless with SolarSkin equipped arrays.

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Increasing solar project viability

The bottom line for your brand and the solar industry — increased visibility and project viability — is achieved with solar advertising. Solar industry growth is going to be a crucial component of our energy future.

SolarSkin advertising allows the support of this growth to be shown in various unique ways, which also have the power to connect emotionally with consumers. Think of murals at zoos, community centers, or parkways. The presence of solar in communities across the country gives ample opportunity for brand exposure and growth, as well.

Solar advertising also has a place in local communities. See the above murals at a school and zoo.

To see what SolarSkin can do for your brand, step ,here.

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